Frequently Asked Questions

What does an average wedding dress cost ?

According to Brides magazine the average wedding dress costs £2000.00. At All Things Bride and Beautiful we find the average cost to be more like £1000.00. This is because we choose our designers carefully and we individually select dresses from their collections each year. Our wedding dresses range in price from £100 in the Ready to Wear Dept. up to £2500 for made to measure specials. We choose our gowns based on how lovely we think they are and also value for money. We think you can get an absolutely gorgeous wedding gown for around £1000 without compromising on anything, and we look forward to showing you how.

When should I order my wedding dress ?

Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses take an average of 16 weeks (4 months) from ordering to receipt. We would advise at least 6 months for made to order dresses, which allows for fittings and alterations without the stress factor. Most brides order their dresses 9months-1year before their wedding, but if you like to be super organised 2 years before is not unusual.For short notice weddings we carry a large stock of dresses and we can usually find you your perfect dress within our extensive collection.With a little more time many of our suppliers offer a “rush cut” service at an extra charge.

Can I leave my dress at the shop until my wedding date ? Will it cost me anything ?

Yes you can leave your dress with us until you are ready to take it home. We may make a small charge for this service as extended storage of lots of wedding dresses increases our insurance costs. Your dress is insured whilst on our premises.

Do I need to make an appointment to come and look at dresses ?

We offer a personal service to all of our clients and would always recommend an appointment so that a member of our staff is available to help you and our Private Bridal room has been reserved for your use. We reserve appointments for 2 hours, so that you don’t feel rushed or pressured, normally this is long enough, too many dresses and you start to get “dress blind” and confused. If you haven’t found your perfect dress in the time allocated don’t worry we may be able to stretch your appointment (easier on weekdays), or we will gladly make you another to come back and try your favourites again along with new ones. Sometimes it takes a couple of visits just to get used to the idea of seeing yourself in a wedding dress, especially if your favourite is a style you hadn’t considered.

Do you stock dresses for the older more mature brides ?

Our oldest bride to date was 84 years of age and she had an elegant ivory and gold satin wedding gown which made her feel fabulous. We have wedding dresses of every shape, fabric and style. Our more mature brides often prefer the more simple classic cuts which have a timeless elegance without too much fussy detail, but once you start trying on you will know which styles make you feel special. Please don’t worry about feeling like “mutton dressed as lamb” which ladies often confess is their secret fear, we only want to sell you a dress you feel good in.

How much do Bridesmaids dresses cost ?

Our bridesmaid dresses start with a brilliant collection at £150 and can go up to £250, the average cost of one of our made to order bridesmaid dresses is around £175 with dresses in our ready to wear collection from £60.